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Demons, Spirits, and Possession Are Real!

Spirit entities are souls that have not gone to the Light after death. Why do they stay, and how can you help them to Heaven? Demons are invisible adversarial beings sent by the Dark Forces. Their mission is to create fear and chaos, cause destruction, and keep “lightworkers” from achieving their life purpose.

In this unique spiritual guide, John Livingston demonstrates how the troubles that affect our emotional and physical health — fear, depression, stress, fatigue, pain, addiction, obsession, inner turmoil, and loss of personal power — can be conquered with the removal of demons or spirits. In all cultures, removal by exorcism has been practiced since ancient times. As discussed in a section on the history of possession and exorcism, many believe that all disease is due to possession. Jesus’ practices as a healing exorcist are highlighted as a model for today’s self-healing needs, and shown to be much simpler than modern religious rituals — the archangels who assisted Jesus still stand ready to help those who ask.

You can heal yourself using a simple procedure if you feel that one of these parasitic beings has become attached to you, and learn to use a pendulum to verify successful removal. John’s shamanic journeys provide answers to your questions about the world of Spirit:

  • Death – what happens when we die?
  • Demons – how did they begin?
  • The Dark Forces – where and what are they?
  • Evil – God’s creation, or ours?
  • Satan – real or not?

“A fascinating compendium drawn from scholarly perspectives as well as from Livingston’s own experiences as a modern practitioner of spirit depossession.”
— Hank Wesselman, Ph.D., anthropologist, author of The Journey to the Sacred Garden and the Spiritwalker trilogy

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